The PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset, dubbed "PlayStation VR," is going to cost you.

PlayStation VR Sony

How much? Sony revealed on Tuesday that PlayStation VR will cost $399.99. 

The PlayStation VR headset isn't just a standalone unit — you'll need a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation Camera, and a decent chunk of free living room space to make PlayStation VR a reality in your home.

The headset works by plugging in to a "breakout box," a small black box that connects to your PlayStation 4, which splits the video signal from the headset to your television. That way you can see what the person in PlayStation VR sees — in the case of some games, what you see on-screen is something totally different. 

This is everything you get in the PlayStation VR package when it launches later this year:

PlayStation VR bundleBen Gilbert / Tech Insider

In addition a price, Sony gave PlayStation VR a new release window: Ocotber 2016. 

Sony also released a new video regarding the price and release date, which you can see right here.