Meet Nissan's "Intelligent Parking Chair" concept: A self-driving office chair that can drive itself around the office, tucking itself away under a desk when not in use.

Check it out:

 The Intelligent Parking Chair uses cameras, a 360-degree swivel base, and some self-driving car know-how to get around. It waits for a clap, and then searches out a table under which to park itself. You need to have four special sensor-laden cameras in a room to help the chairs get around, though.

In the video, you can see some potential uses, like a guy clapping to make every chair in a conference room put itself away:

Nissan doesn't seem to be showing any interest in the Intelligent Parking Chair as anything more than a cute novelty, so you may never be able to buy one. But it's a great example as to how self-driving technology and better image sensors may be entering your home and office sooner than you think.

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