After months of teasing, the mysterious Google-backed Magic Leap has finally released some undoctored footage of its "augmented reality" platform, which projects holograms into your field of vision.

This footage was actually filmed through the glasses, with no special effects added, the company claims.

Here you can see what it'd look like to have a floating robot magically appear at your work desk!

And here, you can see what it'd look like to have a real simulation of our solar system right on your desk!

Magic Leap's technology is stunning: You can get super close up to these virtual elements and they'll still look incredibly detailed.

Magic Leap calls these virtual elements "3D light structures." The company says these elements will look real in your field of vision.

Magic Leap showed off the first video showcasing its technology at the WSDJ Live conference in southern California this afternoon. Past Magic Leap demonstration videos were made with the help of special effects shop WETA Workshop. But superimposed text on this new video says it was taken "without the use of special effects or compositing."

Take a look:

On October 21, 2014 — almost exactly a year ago — Google led a $542 million investment in Magic Leap. So expectations are high for this product. 

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