Kanye West TLOP West played his new album for the first time during his latest clothing line debut at Madison Square Garden last week. Getty

You can't stream Kanye West's new album anywhere except one place: Tidal.

Tidal's exclusive access to one of the year's most anticipated albums (or as Yeezy would say, "album of the life") has sent the streaming music service's app to the top of the App Store's chart.

West tweeted a screenshot of Jay Z's Tidal at the top of the App Store on Sunday night after announcing that his album,"The Life of Pablo" (or TLOP), won't be available for purchase for another week.

There are a couple of reasons why West decided to give Tidal streaming rights for TLOP before competing services like Apple Music and Spotify. The first is his close relationship with Jay Z, who owns Tidal and has used his influence to secure exclusive album releases from big artists in the past.

The second is that Tidal appears to be funding West's "scripted content ideas."

Tidal has already published original video content on its platform, including a comedy series and a serialized drama called "Money & Violence." It sounds like West is working on his own show that Tidal is bankrolling. West premiered a trailer for a video game about his mother's death after his TLOP release/Yeezy Season 3 fashion show event at Madison Square Garden last week.

Tidal has a history of using big album releases to boost its downloads. When Rihanna released her "ANTI" album exclusively on Tidal last month, it took 48 hours for the app to rise  from number 147 to 13 on the App Store's free chart.

Another reason for West delaying the retail release of his album is a mixing issue he acknowledged with one of the tracks, "Wolves."