A strange message began appearing in some users' Facebook news feed Thursday morning.

The message that is appearing tells users that they have been friends with some of their Facebook friends for 46 years.

Facebook users were quick to point out the glitch on Twitter. 


There are a few things wrong with this picture. First, neither Facebook nor the internet existed 46 years ago. And secondly, a lot of people seeing this message weren’t even alive back in 1969.

The glitch is happening to a feature Facebook added recently that surfaces old content you posted to Facebook on an anniversary. It's similar to the third-party app TimeHop, which ties into all your social media accounts and helps you remember what you posted.

A Tech Insider commenter who goes by Helene pointed out that the problem may stem from Facebook losing some timestamps for friendships. 

"Presumably, Facebook lost some of the timestamps for when friendships were created and the default date on most unix systems is 1/1/1970 GMT. Add some timezone correction to that and you get 12/31/1969," Helene said.

It appears to be a common bug for programmers. Whenever someone makes a date error in a database, it defaults to 12/31/1969. That likely explains why so many people are seeing this weird update in their Facebook feed. Tech Insider has received other tips from readers that say this is likely the cause of Facebook's glitch.

While the company did not confirm that this was the cause, a company spokesperson told Tech Insider that they have identified the bug and are working on a fix.