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Apple is making a game console.

Okay, sort of: the new Apple TV set-top box, due out in October, will be (much) more gaming-friendly.

Apple TVs today only let you mirror iOS games played via your iPad or iPhone. The new model, however, will offer native support for games, direct access to a specially curated App Store, and a new touchscreen remote. And that new remote is almost a game controller. (Almost being the key word. If you're an avid gamer, keep an eye out for a handful of third-party gamepads Apple is allowing to work with the new Apple TV.)

Apple has already announced a gaggle of games just for the new set-top box. There's some good stuff in there, for sure, but it's missing a bunch of great titles currently on iOS that we think would be great to play on the Apple TV. So we gathered them all here!

After scrolling through our ideas, you might get some of your own — so let us know in the comments! Or on Twitter! Or on Facebook! If enough of you speak up, we'll add your best suggestions to a reader-curated list in the coming week.

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